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French Civil Aviation Code

Article L121-2 of the French Civil Aviation Code

A registration register kept by the Minister responsible for civil aviation is instituted. All aircraft registered in the French register, under the conditions laid down by decree, have French nationality. It must bear the visible sign of this nationality as laid down by the regulations.

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Article L122-3 of the French Civil Aviation Code

The mortgage may be extended on an ancillary basis to spare parts corresponding to the type of the mortgaged aircraft(s) provided that said parts are individualised. These spare parts are stored in one or more locations which are subject to the publicity provided for in article L. 122-4. When they are used on the aircraft to which they are assigned, they must be replaced immediately. The creditor shall be notified…

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Article L122-4 of the French Civil Aviation Code

The spare parts referred to in the previous article include all the component parts of aircraft, engines, propellers, radios, instruments, equipment, fittings, parts of these various components and more generally all objects of any nature whatsoever kept with a view to replacing the component parts of the aircraft, subject to their individualisation. Appropriate advertising, carried out on site by means of posters, must duly inform third parties of the nature…

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Article L122-15 of the French Civil Aviation Code

The privileges mentioned in the previous article relate to the aircraft or to the insurance indemnity mentioned in article L. 122-6. They follow the aircraft in whichever hand it passes. They are extinguished three months after the event which gave rise to them, unless the creditor has previously entered his claim in the aircraft’s registration register, after having had the amount recognised by amicable agreement or, failing that, having taken…

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Article L131-1 of the French Civil Aviation Code

Aircraft may circulate freely over French territory. However, aircraft of foreign nationality may only circulate over French territory if this right is granted to them by a diplomatic convention or if they receive a special and temporary authorisation for this purpose.

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Article L133-1 of the French Civil Aviation Code

Aircraft and other products, parts and equipment, as well as organisations and persons subject to the technical safety and security requirements laid down either by this Book or by Regulation (EC) No 1592/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 July 2002 on common rules in the field of civil aviation and establishing a European Aviation Safety Agency, or Regulation (EC) No 550/2004 of the European Parliament…

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Article L133-2 of the French Civil Aviation Code

The Minister responsible for civil aviation may inspect any aircraft at a French aerodrome to ensure that it complies with the applicable safety and security standards, whether French, Community or adopted in application of the Convention on International Civil Aviation, signed in Chicago on 7 December 1944.

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Article L133-3 of the French Civil Aviation Code

When the exercise of activities or the operation of aircraft, products or equipment mentioned in articles L. 133-1 and L. 133-2 presents particular risks to the safety of property and people, the Minister responsible for civil aviation may: a) Prescribe corrective or restrictive operating measures; b) In the event of an immediate risk, order a total or partial ban on carrying out activities or using products or equipment; c) Ground…

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Article L133-4 of the French Civil Aviation Code

Agents of the State, as well as bodies or persons authorised by the Minister responsible for civil aviation to carry out ground and on-board inspections, have access at all times to aircraft, land, premises for professional use and installations where the inspected activities are carried out. They also have access to documents of any kind relating to the operations for which the inspection is carried out.

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