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French Customs Code

Article 1 of the French Customs Code

1. The customs territory comprises the territories and territorial waters of mainland France, Corsica, the French coastal islands, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Réunion, Mayotte and Saint-Martin. 2. Free zones, exempt from all or part of the customs regime, may be set up in the aforementioned territories. 3. Foreign territories or parts of foreign territories may be included in the customs territory.

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Article 2 bis of the French Customs Code

Without prejudice to specific derogation provisions, this Code shall not apply to: 1. The entry of Community goods into the customs territory; 2. The exit of Community goods from the customs territory to other Member States of the European Community.

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Article 17 bis of the French Customs Code

The Minister responsible for customs shall adopt the measures necessary to implement the regulations laid down by the European Union or by international treaties or agreements duly ratified or approved by France, which the customs administration is required to apply.

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Article 19 quater of the French Customs Code

1. Levies and compensatory charges established in accordance with the provisions of regulations adopted by the Council of the European Economic Community shall be collected in the same way as customs duties. Infringements shall be recorded and punished, and proceedings investigated and judged, in accordance with Title XII of the Customs Code. Where the Community authorises a Member State to reduce its levies and the other Member States to increase…

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Article 20 of the French Customs Code

1. In the cases listed in article 2 of law no. 83-1119 of 23 December 1983, the following may be decided, in accordance with the terms and conditions of application laid down by decree in the Conseil d’Etat: a) A financial levy on ships used by or on behalf of companies that are nationals of the foreign State concerned, during their commercial operations in French ports. The amount, based on…

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Article 21 of the French Customs Code

In the event of mobilisation, in the event of clear aggression requiring the country to provide for its own defence, in periods of external tension when circumstances so require, the Government may regulate or suspend the import and export of certain goods, by decrees issued by the Council of Ministers. These decrees are made on the proposal of the Minister responsible for the economic organisation of the nation in wartime.

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Article 22 of the French Customs Code

1. Decrees may temporarily and in cases of emergency permit or suspend the export of products of the soil and of national industry. 2. These acts must be presented, in the form of bills, to the National Assembly before the end of its session if it is in session, or at the next session if it is not.

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Article 23 of the French Customs Code

By way of derogation from articles 21 and 22 above, export bans may, until a date to be set by decree, be established by orders of the Minister for the Economy and Finance, after consultation with the Minister responsible for the resource.

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