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French Tourism Code

Article L121-1 of the French Tourism Code

The State defines and implements national tourism policy. It determines and implements the procedures for approving and classifying tourist facilities, organisations and activities in accordance with the procedures laid down by decree. It defines and conducts national tourism promotion operations in conjunction with local authorities and the partners concerned. It lays down the rules and guidelines for international cooperation in the field of tourism and ensures their implementation, particularly within…

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Article L131-1 of the French Tourism Code

As part of its planning powers, the region defines the medium-term objectives for regional tourism development. The regional tourism and leisure development plan provided for in article L. 131-7 sets out the terms and conditions for implementing the objectives defined by the regional plan, particularly in terms of funding. Agreements between the local authorities concerned define, on the one hand, the actions contributing to the execution of the objectives set…

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Article L131-2 of the French Tourism Code

The Regional Council is responsible for collecting, processing and disseminating data relating to tourism in the region. It coordinates public and private initiatives in the region in the fields of tourism development, promotion and information.

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Article L131-3 of the French Tourism Code

A regional tourism committee is set up in each region. However, by way of derogation from the provisions of the previous paragraph, the following may be maintained in exceptional circumstances: 1° Several regional tourism committees in regions with more than one regional tourism committee on 13 January 1987 ; 2° A regional tourism committee common to two regions, where such a committee exists on the same date. In this case,…

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Article L131-4 of the French Tourism Code

The Regional Council determines the status, organisational principles and composition of the Regional Tourism Committee. The committee includes delegates from the regional council, one or more delegates from each departmental council, as well as members representing : 1° Consular bodies ; 2° Each departmental tourism committee or similar body; 3° Tourist offices and tourist information centres; 4° The tourism, spa and leisure professions; 5° Tourism and leisure associations; 6° Tourist…

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Article L131-7 of the French Tourism Code

At the request of the Regional Council, the Regional Tourism Committee draws up the Regional Tourism and Leisure Development Plan, which is then submitted to the Regional Council for approval, after consultation with the Regional Economic and Social Committee and the Departmental Tourism Committees and similar bodies.

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