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French Sports Code

Article L100-1 of the French Sports Code

The development of sport for all and support for top-level sportsmen and women and the French national teams in international competitions are in the general interest. The practice of physical and sporting activities contributes to the achievement of the sustainable development goals set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted on 25 September 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly. The practice of physical and sporting activities is…

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Article L100-2 of the French Sports Code

The State, regional and local authorities, associations, sports federations, companies and their social institutions contribute to the promotion and development of physical and sporting activities. They shall ensure equal access to sporting activities throughout France. They shall also prevent and combat all forms of violence and discrimination in the context of physical and sporting activities. The State and sports associations and federations ensure the development of top-level sport, with the…

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Article L100-4 of the French Sports Code

Sportsmen and women in paid employment benefit from the provisions of article L. 3122-28 of the French Labour Code, reproduced below: “Art.L. 3122-28-Any employee may, taking into account the company’s possibilities, benefit from adjustments to their working hours for the regular and controlled practice of a sport. “

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Article L111-1 of the French Sports Code

I.-The State is responsible for or supervises, in liaison with all interested parties, the organisation of training leading to the various professions in physical activities and sport and the awarding of the corresponding diplomas. It contributes to the training of sports managers specialising in physical and sports activities for disabled people. II – The State supervises sports federations in accordance with article L. 131-1. It ensures that sports federations comply…

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Article L111-2 of the French Sports Code

The collective sports services plan, drawn up in accordance with articles 2 and 10 of law no. 95-115 of 4 February 1995 on regional planning and development, defines the State’s objectives for developing access to services, facilities, areas, sites and itineraries for sporting activities throughout the country, in line with the collective services plan for natural and rural areas, and for promoting the social integration of citizens. To this end,…

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Article L111-3 of the French Sports Code

In addition to officers and agents of the judicial police acting in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, civil servants under the authority of the Minister responsible for sport, authorised for this purpose by the same Minister and sworn in under the conditions laid down by decree in the Conseil d’Etat, may investigate and draw up reports on the offences provided for by the provisions of…

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Article L112-10 of the French Sports Code

The Agence nationale du sport is responsible for developing access to sport for everyone and promoting elite sport and high performance sport, particularly in Olympic and Paralympic disciplines, as part of the strategy defined by the State in an agreement on objectives between the agency and the State. The National Sports Agency ensures that local sports projects are consistent with the sports projects of the federations. In accordance with the…

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Article L112-11 of the French Sports Code

In addition to those provided for inArticle 113 of the aforementionedLaw no. 2011-525 of 17 May 2011, the Agency’s resources come mainly from the proceeds of the assigned taxes mentioned in the first paragraph ofArticle 1609 novovicies andArticle 1609 tricies of the General Tax Code and in II ofArticle 59 of the Finance Law for 2000 (no. 99-1172 of 30 December 1999). The National Sports Agency may collect all types…

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Article L112-12 of the French Sports Code

In the regions, the Corsican collectivity, the collectivities governed by articles 73 and 74 of the Constitution and in New Caledonia, the State representative is the agency’s territorial delegate under conditions set by decree in the Council of State. As part of his duties, he oversees the development of sport for all in the least favoured territories. He can order expenditure and implement the agency’s territorial financial assistance.

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