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French Insurance Code

Article L100-1 of the French Insurance Code

For the purposes of this Book, the words “France”, “in France” and “territory of the French Republic” mean mainland France and the territorial collectivities governed by Article 73 of the Constitution as well as Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin. Except for the provisions relating to the freedom to provide services and the freedom of establishment, these words also refer to Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon.

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Article L111-1 of the French Insurance Code

Titles I, II and III of this Book concern only terrestrial insurance. With the exception of articles L. 111-6, L. 112-2, L. 112-4, L. 112-7 and L. 113-4-1, they do not apply to insurance contracts governed by Title VII of this Book or to credit insurance transactions; reinsurance transactions concluded between insurers and reinsurers are excluded from their scope. There is no derogation from the provisions of the laws and…

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Article L111-2 of the French Insurance Code

The provisions of Titles I, II, III and IV of this book may not be modified by agreement, except those which give the parties a simple option and which are contained in the last paragraph of I and II of article L. 111-10 and in Articles L. 112-1, L. 112-5, L. 112-6, L. 113-10, L. 121-5 to L. 121-8, L. 121-12, L. 121-14, L. 122-1, L. 122-2, L. 122-6, L….

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Article L111-6 of the French Insurance Code

The following are considered to be major risks 1° Those in the following categories: a) The bodies of rail, air, sea, lake and river vehicles, as well as civil liability relating to the said vehicles; b) Goods carried; c) Credit and surety, where the policyholder carries on an industrial, commercial or liberal profession, provided that the risk relates to that profession; d) Marine renewable energy installations, as defined by decree…

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Article L111-7 of the French Insurance Code

I.-Any direct or indirect discrimination based on gender as a factor in the calculation of premiums and benefits resulting in differences in premiums and benefits is prohibited. Expenses related to pregnancy and maternity shall not result in less favourable treatment of women in terms of premiums and benefits. By way of derogation from the first paragraph, the Minister responsible for the economy may authorise by decree differences in premiums and…

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Article L111-8 of the French Insurance Code

Any direct or indirect discrimination based on the consideration of an organ, cell or gamete donation as a factor in the refusal of an insurance contract or in the calculation of premiums and benefits for the donor resulting in differences in premiums and benefits is prohibited.

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Article L111-9 of the French Insurance Code

A durable medium, within the meaning of this code, is any instrument that enables the policyholder, insurer, intermediary or subscriber of a group insurance contract to store information addressed to them personally, so that they can refer to it at a later date for a period of time appropriate to the purposes for which the information is intended, and which allows the identical reproduction of the information stored.

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Article L111-10 of the French Insurance Code

I. – Where an insurer, intermediary or policyholder of a group insurance contract wishes to provide or make available information or documents to a policyholder on a durable medium other than paper, it shall first check that this method of communication is appropriate to the policyholder’s situation; it shall ensure that the policyholder is able to access this information and documents on the durable medium envisaged. Where the policyholder provides…

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