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Article R367 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure

I.-For the application of articles R. 19 to R. 23-1, the words: “régisseur des recettes” are replaced by the words: “agent chargé du recouvrement des amendes”. II.-Article R. 19 is supplemented by a paragraph worded as follows: “When a revenue office has been set up at the court registry, the security deposit will be paid to the revenue officer. “

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Article R375 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure

When the claim for compensation is brought before the commission sitting in Mayotte, the two-month period provided for in Article R. 50-17 is increased by : 1° One month for persons residing in France, outside Mayotte; 2° Two months for persons residing abroad. The foregoing provisions do not preclude the power of judges, in urgent cases, to shorten the time limits for appearing.

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