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Article D1-7 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure

In the light of the personalised assessment, the authority hearing the victim shall apply the following specific protective measures: 1° Each interview with the victim takes place in premises designed or adapted to the victim’s situation; 2° In the case of sexual violence, the victim is interviewed by investigators specially trained in these offences or with the assistance of investigators who have received such training; 3° The victim is interviewed…

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Article D1-8 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure

The authority interviewing the victim may decide not to apply one or more of the specific protective measures mentioned in Article D. 1er-7 if granting them would hinder the proper conduct of the investigation, in particular where it is necessary to interview the victim as a matter of urgency.

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Article D1-10 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure

When the public prosecutor or investigating judge deems it appropriate to have an in-depth assessment carried out, this shall be carried out by a victim support association with general accreditation pursuant to article D. 1-12-1. In the case of domestic violence or sexual and gender-based violence, the assessment may be carried out by professionals from the approved association who are specially trained to deal with victims of these offences, whether…

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Article D1-11 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure

When proceedings are instituted or an alternative measure to prosecution or a penal composition is used for any offence committed within a couple and falling within the scope of the article 132-80 of the Penal Code, the victim may ask the public prosecutor to provide him/her as soon as possible with a certificate setting out the proceedings.

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Article D1-11-1 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure

In cases of domestic violence covered by the article 132-80 of the Penal Code, the public prosecutor shall check, before initiating public proceedings, whether the violence was committed in the presence of a minor and whether the aggravating circumstance provided for in b of articles 222-8,222-10 and 222-12 of the same code is characterised, so that proceedings may be brought on the basis of these provisions, without prejudice to the…

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Article D1-11-2 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure

Prior to any release or cessation, even temporary, of the imprisonment of a detained person prosecuted or convicted for offences committed within the couple covered by article 132-80 du code pénal, or for the offence defined in article 227-4-2 of the same code, the competent judicial authority, after notifying the victim, shall assess, in accordance with articles 144-2 and 712-16-2 of this code. 1° If a ban on contact with…

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Article D1-12 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure

I.-The terms under which, pursuant to 10° of Article 10-2 and article 10-5-1, victims of violence have the right, when their medical examination has been requested by an officer or agent of the judicial police, a magistrate or a court, to be given a copy of the medical examination certificate stating their physical or psychological state of health and describing any injuries they have sustained, are specified by II to…

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