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Article A13 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure

The technical examination for national police judicial police officers provided for in article R. 5 of the present code civil servants in the management and application corps with at least three years’ service in the corps on 1 January of the year of the examination.

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Article A15 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure

The technical examination for judicial police officers of the national police comprises: 1° A practical written test in general criminal law and special criminal law (duration: three hours – coefficient 2); 2° A practical written test in criminal procedure on a case of crime, misdemeanour or contravention (duration: four hours – coefficient 3); 3° An oral test of a simulated telephone report to a magistrate organised on the basis of…

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Article A16 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure

The syllabus for the examination provided for in the preceding article is as follows: Criminal procedure L’action publique et l’action civile: notions générales. The authorities vested by law with judicial police duties: – the judicial police; – the public prosecutor; – the investigating magistrate. Investigations, identity checks: – legal frameworks; – identity checks, verifications and records. Investigation: – first and second instance; – judicial supervision and pre-trial detention; – rogatory…

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Article A19 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure

The physical organisation of the technical examination tests, which are held in one or more centres, is the responsibility of the police academy in accordance with the directives issued by the Minister of the Interior. During the tests, candidates may only have : – codes (which may be annotated by the publisher, but not commented on) ; – printouts of the Journal officiel (without commentary). Candidates may not, under penalty…

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Article A20 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure

In the month following the examination, the chairman convenes a meeting of the examination board to establish the marking standards and to allocate the papers to the markers. The anonymity of the papers is ensured by the use of a suitable technical procedure. The chairman of the jury sets the date by which the corrected papers must reach the secretariat of the committee.

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Article A21 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure

The secretariat of the committee submits to the chair of the jury: 1° Copies for which an eliminatory mark is proposed, under the conditions laid down in article A. 15 of this code. These copies are marked a second time by a member appointed by the chair of the jury and belonging to a different panel (magistracy, police) to the one to which the first marker belongs; The final mark…

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Article A22 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure

The commission provided for in Article 16 (2° and 4°) of this code issues an opinion on the lists mentioned in 4° of Article A. 21 of the same code within a maximum of four months after the date of the examination. They are sent to the directorate general of the national police, together with the candidates’ papers and the minutes of the sitting.

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